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Brushing Dog's Teeth

Full Grooms

Small Long Haired Dogs from £40

Small short haired dogs from £30


Medium LONG HAIRED Dogs from £45

Medium to Large Short haired dogs from £35


Large Long haired dogs from £55


Puppy Trim

From £30-£35.

Dog Portrait

Hand Stripping

£45-£50  - border terrier


price on application for all other breeds.

Dog Collar

Teeth Cleaning

£35 for the first visit which includes your own toothbrush, £25 there after.

Extra Services

If a dog is very matted then extra charges will be added to the cost of the groom.  This covers the cost of resharpening my blades which are blunted from dealing with such coats, extra products used and also any extra work involved.  Prices are from £5 extra.

Nails £8.00

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