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knotting can occur for various reasons, but normally it is due to not using the correct brushes/combs for your dogs coat type and not brushing/combing enough.   Sometimes knotting can also be caused by washing your dog without brushing/combing through the coat thoroughly first, water will tighten a knot making it impossible to brush/comb out.  Lastly, if you are using a harness these will rub the fur constantly when walking your dog causing knots to occur frequently.  

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knotting - WHAT CAN I DO?

I see many dogs come to me with knotting to their coats and owners that are despaired when I have no choice but to shave a dog down, which believe me is the last thing any groomer wishes to do to a dog, but under the Animal Welfare Act we have to do what is right for the dog.

Knots can lead to skin infections due to the air not being able to get to the skin of the dog and will also cut the blood circulation off to that area which is why some dogs will become itchy once knots are removed as the blood rushes back to the skin of those areas (a bit like pins and needles).  Major knotting can also tear the skin of the dog when they are moving and running around.  

In order to maintain a healthy knot free coat you need to use a good brush followed by a wide toothed comb.  Brushes will only skim over the surface of the fur which is why you should always follow with a comb afterwards which gets right down to the skin.  When you bath your dog, always ensure you brush and comb thoroughly prior to bathing where possible to ensure the fur is tangle free prior to getting the coat wet.  The use of a good conditioner after shampooing will also help.  If using a harness then I would suggest always brushing and combing your dog in the areas where the harness has been worn after each walk as harnesses will rub the fur causing knotting from friction.  

Always pay special attention to your dogs friction areas such as armpits, behind ears, tail and private areas these are always prone to knotting.   

Regular haircuts will help you to manage your dogs coat in between grooms but it is completely down to you as the owner to brush and comb in order to keep the coat in good condition between haircuts. 

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